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Helen Theobald - Huts on the Hill

Helen Theobald - Huts on the Bill

Lymington Palette Club Programme for 2019

Tuesday 4th June Julie Collins: A Milford artist who will talk about her contemporary water based paintings.
Thursday 20th to Friday 28th June Summer Exhibition at the Masonic Hall.  Private view Friday 21st
Tuesday 2nd July Diana Burch: An exciting artist who "frequently works with line in 2 and 3 dimensions using traditional organic or non-organic materials".
Tuesday 3rd September Gina Dearden: Criticism of our work.
Tuesday 1st October

Mary Branson: Conceptual artist who talked to us in January 2017 about her commissioned light sculpture returns to update us on her recent work.

Sales table today: please bring art materials or books to sell.

Tuesday 5th November Day Bowman: Day produces large abstract canvases, seascapes and silkscreen prints. She is calling her talk "The Palette".
Tuesday 3rd December Christmas Lunch and get together at 12.30

Visitors are welcome. Entrance fee is £4.
All meetings are held in the Lymington Community Centre on first Tuesday of the month, from 2pm to 4pm.

Contact and information on membership from Bridget Bugg, Secretary:

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