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Helen Theobald
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"Net Shops - Hastings" © Helen Theobald
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I am a painter because I love paint. Really the subject matter is just the vehicle for the paint. I find that acrylic gives me the maximum scope to experiment - playing with different colours, textures, glazes, collage, and using charcoal and oil pastel with the paint to create mixed media paintings. The paint does far more accidentally than I could ever do with it deliberately.

Time plays its part too - a painting may take many months to emerge in its final form - gradually finding a set of colours which work together by trial and error, overpainting often many times, which helps to build surface texture.

Shapes will change and change again while I try to find images which complement each other. The journey to the end of the painting is always an exciting one.

I live close to the sea, and often choose the coast as my subject matter - in landscape, abstract and even still life paintings - fish and pebbles often manage to creep into them. I witness the destructive power of the sea on a daily basis and this surfaces in abstracts with a theme of "Fragments" and in series paintings of weathered and damaged sheds and huts. At the present time I find Dungeness and Portland a source of inspiration, though paintings are not always specific to any one site.

My work has been included in exhibitions at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, the City Galleries of Southampton, Portsmouth, and Bath, and in various commercial galleries in London and in the South of England. Paintings are now in private and corporate collections in many parts of the United Kingdom, including the collections of the Bank of England and Hampshire County Council. I am currently a member of Lymington Palette Club and Bath Society of Artists.


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