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Sarah Marsh
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Basically chalks and paint, line and colour - I love to work in the landscape with watercolour mostly and sometimes some pencil, pastel and ink to try and capture the light and mood of a place at a particular time of day and season. Often my subjects include figures as part of the landscape adding interest, animation, and meaning. Watercolour is an ideal medium for this, easily transportable, fluid and fast, essential in the 2 hrs or so before the light changes too much. The challenge is always to keep the painting minimal with as few washes as possible to maintain the transparency and luminosity and spontaneous descriptive marks.

Sometimes I develop these watercolours into larger paintings in oils on canvas, to distil the information I have and intensify the feeling of the subject.

I also enjoy life drawing in various experimental ways in mixed media.

Painting is essential to my life to feel part of the world around me and to try and express my feelings about it, emulate the artists I admire, and hopefully communicate positively with the onlooker.


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