Lymington Palette Club

Sheila Hope

The Lymington Palette Club was founded in 1954 to promote the development and improvement of artistic knowledge and skill. We have around 50 members, selected on the basis of the talent and originality of their work, many of whom exhibit locally, nationally and internationally.

We provide a varied programme of high quality talks and events throughout the year, and an exciting annual exhibition.


Following some discussion, the Newsletter page has been replaced by a Bulletin Board.  Members should feel free to contribute short items of interest, ideally with a link and perhaps a picture.

14th April 2016
Another image added to Julia Ayers' page
3rd May 2016
John Butterworth is unable to be with us for personal reasons. Happily, at very short notice, Sheila has managed to arrange our crit with local artist Julie Collins. Please have a look at her work and background on her website
23rd May 2016
Bulletin Board more updates to:

Exhibitions in the South
London exhibitions

7th June 2016
Image changed on Maddy Coates' page
29th July 2016



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